800 Calories a Day For 8 weeks January 2017



This Way Of Eating – WOE – Week 2

I started back onto this diet, the 800 calories for 8 weeks Blood Sugar Diet on 31 December 2016. I don’t bother with New Year’s Eve and all the cake from Christmas was gone, so there were no real temptations to hold me back from starting again. I knew that Christmas week had reversed the weight loss, so I didn’t weigh myself for a couple of days and was relieved to find that I was “Only” just over 1 kilogram (between 2 and 3 pounds) heavier than my lightest weight before Christmas. That meant I was back over the 70Kg weight level but not so far that it was dispiriting.

Support Group

I found a great support group on Facebook. It’s very useful to have support when you are working on something like weight loss or even weight gain or body building, come to that. Getting the support and encouragement from a positive group of people on the same journey as you is very helpful and motivating. They even have their own abbreviations and language, so that WOE is shorthand for “Way of Eating” and NSV is a “non-scale victory”, such as being able to fit into a size smaller piece of clothing. There is also a shorthand way for describing which week of the diet you are on and whether this is your first “round” or a subsequent round. It is recommended that you take a break between rounds. The group suggests that it is possible to lose 10 per cent of your body weight in each round of dieting, so that someone weighing 100 kg could lose 10 Kg over the 8 weeks. This would be great.

Weight Loss

My weight loss has not been as high since I started back onto the program, probably because I am eating more fiber but maybe not taking in enough water to move it through quickly. But I HAVE Lost just over 1 kg in weight (just over 2 pounds) and I have also lost half an inch from around my abdomen. Two victories to celebrate!

Continuing Weight Loss

I am going to buy the diet book that goes with this WOE in order to gain the most possible information for remaining healthy and losing weight quickly. Why? I don’t have diabetes but my grandmother had Type II and one sister has it. That means I may be at risk for developing it and I would rather not risk blindness, limb amputation, and nerve damage. Also, I KNOW I need to lose weight and this has so far been a very useful exercise in moving that stubborn belly fat!

Two Week Review of Blood Sugar Diet

How I Started BSD

I started the 800 calorie Blood Sugar Diet on a whim, two weeks ago. Not exactly a whim but I had read Dr Michael Mosley’s book on the 8 week, 800 calorie BSD and finished it on the Sunday. It made a lot of sense and it mentioned that the patients in the clinical research trial run at Newcastle University had been put on liquid “shakes” to ensure their calories were counted correctly. I had protein shake in the house, so I decided that from the next day, I would try the 800 calorie 8 week diet. I told myself that I would try it for one day, that I could last one day and then I could go back onto my normal low carb diet. I was just going to try it out. It can be useful to tell yourself this kind of story, looking forward just one day at a time, rather than saying, I HAVE to do this for 8 weeks, when it can seem like a life sentence!

Two weeks later, I am still on this diet and it has been completely possible, I have NOT felt like eating the table leg because I was so hungry. I can’t say that I haven’t felt hungry at all but it’s odd, the hunger has just been a sensation, a feeling, that I was able to acknowledge was there, without salivating or feeling I had to get something to eat.

I have kept a chart of my progress, with the number of calories I ate each day and with my abdomen girth and my weight taken when I had access to a weighing scale. Over the two weeks, I have now dropped 4.5 Kgs, this is 10 pounds in weight! I am at the lowest weight ever for years and I have every expectation that I can break the 70 Kg barrier tomorrow or the next day. This is REALLY exciting for me, as I have not been this low a weight since I discovered (or was introduced to) the Atkins diet back around the year 2000.

What am I eating?

I don’t have breakfast until about 11.00 am most days, because I go for a walk and do not eat until I return from that. I have found that a 100 calorie protein shake, with a cup of tea or coffee to follow, fills me nicely. I have a shaker bottle and a scoop. I add a little water to the shaker bottle, add 1 scoop of protein shake, put the top on and shake to mix it up. I then add more water up to the 500 ml level (about 15 fluid ounces). I drink this slowly. The current flavor is chocolate smooth. I also enjoy blueberry and strawberries and cream flavors. The shake I use is NOT marketed as a diet aid but as nutrition for athletes. It is high in protein and uses artificial sweeteners, to keep the calories low. It is my feeling that by taking a large amount of fluid with the calories, my stomach can feel full even BEFORE the calories hit the digestive system. I take another of these at about 2 pm. By that time, I am starting to feel a bit hungry but the shake fills me up again, so I last until dinnertime with no problems.

For dinner, I generally have what everyone else is having, except, no potatoes or rice or pasta or bread. I just have the meat and a non-starchy vegetable, such as green beans, or cabbage, or cauliflower, etc. I was surprised and pleased to find that a dinner like that is about 400 calories. (I haven’t actually tried any different recipes but there are plenty of recipes available for the BSD if you want.) Together with the shakes earlier in the day, this makes about 600 calories. You might think that is great but NO! Read on to find out why.

Since I realised I could stick to this diet for at least a while longer, I decided to find a support group online, to share experiences and help. I found a closed Facebook group for the 800 calories, 8 week blood sugar diet and applied to join. They were very quick in approving my application and very welcoming, with lots of members there. I immediately found that I should NOT try sticking to 600 calories a day, as my body might think it was being starved and possibly reduce my metabolism to slow weight loss! They advised that I should add a little fat to make my intake up to 800 calories a day. I love almond butter and have that in the house but a small teaspoonful of that has about 100 calories and I have been used to eating a LOT more than that. I was concerned that I might go back to eating a lot of almond butter, so decided instead to put butter on my vegetables at dinner. One ounce of butter has about 200 calories, so that made me up to the 800 calories a day. Other alternatives suggested, were to add cream to coffee, also very nice. They were also able to point me to information on dealing with constipation.

The group talked about various “rounds” of the diet. It seems that some people go on the 8 week diet, take a rest, then do another round. I had never even thought of that! There is a LOT of information, recipes and support available if you want to do this diet.

Positive Points of the BSD

  • Quick weight loss. I have lost about 10 pounds in 2 weeks and feel I could lose a bit more with no real problems. My target weight is 126 pounds, 9 stone, 57 Kgs. According to the height and weight charts available online, I am currently in the overweight category. My target weight is in the middle of the “normal” category.
  • Not feeling especially hungry
  • no loss of energy

Difficult Points with the BSD

  • Constipation. It’s the same with many diets, the reduction in carbohydrate intake reduces fiber intake. In my case, the almond butter provided a lot of fiber. I need to replace that with more vegetable fiber.
  • Felt a bit cold during the first week of the diet. The weather was cold but I don’t normally suffer too much with it. Not as cold feeling this week.


Christmas will be here in less than one week and I feel it is highly unlikely that i will stick to this diet over Christmas. BUT the Facebook support group for BSD has planned an 8 week round starting 2 January. I will be on that.

Lose Weight Fast – Possible?

Picture of clothes too big for model

Is it possible to lose weight fast? Is is safe?

The answer to both those questions is YES! And you do not need to starve yourself, do workouts to exhaustion or follow crazy diets to do it.

It Does Take Dedication

It’s not a press button solution, you will need to follow any prescribed diet very closely, with no “just one won’t hurt” or “I’ll start it again tomorrow” attitude. Everyone makes a mistake or slips up now and again, that’s understandable and very human. Yes, you can start again, right now. But if you are dieting for a special occasion or for a particular health reason, then you will need to follow any diet as closely as possible, to get the results you want, in the timescale you hoped for.

Two Possible Diets

One of the diets has been tested out on diabetic patients at a University in the UK. These patients were put on an 800 calorie 8 week diet under medical supervision. Some of those that completed the diet reversed their type II diabetes! The patients were put onto a liquid diet (shakes) so their calorie intake could be closely monitored but others who heard about the clinical trials worked out their own 800 calorie diets and got the same amazing results. You can read all about this diet in the Blood Sugar Diet by Dr Michael Mosley.

The other diet is a 3 week, totally “All done for you” set of manuals with all the information and motivational techniques you will need to create a tailored diet system for your particular body, including all the foods to eat and not eat. If you need to lose 12 – 23 pounds of body weight and 2 – 4 inches from your waistline in 21 days, then this is the diet to try. All you have to do is Click Here!

Are You Sure It’s Safe?

Received wisdom up to now has been that slow and steady is best and for many people, that’s the best way to do it, if you can. The reasoning behind it was that taking things slowly allowed you to change your dietary habits to find a healthy form of eating that kept you at your chosen weight. But that doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe you have an event to attend. Maybe you have received bad health news about your blood pressure, your cholesterol or even been told you have pre-diabetes or diabetes and been told you are going to have to go on medication for life. For other people, going slow doesn’t work, they want results NOW. In these cases, you may want to lose that weight FAST.

Health Concerns

If you have any concerns about your health or whether you should try these diets, talk to your doctor. They may not be happy about a crash diet but may be willing to let you try one of these for a short period of time, especially if you want to lose weight in order to stay off medication. If you try one of these, even for a week, then go back to your doctor to check your blood work or health levels, you and your doctor may be pleasantly surprised. The best way to gain your doctor or health adviser’s approval is to read up on your proposed diet so you can discuss all the recommendations for action and then try your chosen diet for a period of time, then go back to discuss the results. Who knows, you may convert your doctor!


I have been on the 800 calories 8 week diet now for several weeks. I completed nearly 3 weeks before Christmas, then went off it over Christmas and started back again just before the New Year. My latest NSV (Non Scale Victory)? I can get into one of my pairs of jeans without having to lie on the bed, sucking in my belly and straining my muscles to get the button to close. Better yet, when I stand up, there is no fat spilling over the waistband (muffin tops) and even better, I can sit down in them!!!! I can’t get into the other pair yet, well actually I can but the waistband compresses my belly and the muffin tops are well visible! I also don’t think I could sit down in them but I was so puffed getting them on, I didn’t try that. One pair I can wear is a great delight. 🙂