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Collagen Benefits

Skin Layers

Who would want wrinkles on their faces, dry and sagging skin, and joint aches? I don’t, do you? These signs of ageing can be prevented by slowing down their development. All you need to do is understand why these things occur. It’s the lack of collagen that is responsible for the deterioration of your skin.

Collagen is a fibrous protein constituent of our skin, bones and cartilage, plus other connective tissue in the body. It’s vital but once we hit 25, we start losing our collagen production and it drops a bit every year. It protects our cartilage and synovial fluid against degeneration but as the amount drops, so we start to feel our aches and pains and to feel older.

Wrinkles and fine lines in the skin happen as the collagen levels drop. Our joints may also swell or feel more achy.

Now we understand the importance of collagen, we realize how important the supply of collagen in our body is to our feelings of well being and youthfulness and to our energy levels. This is where collagen supplements come in. A wide variety of collagen supplements are available, all created from naturally available ingredients often used as food. These collagen supplements replenish the collagen in our body and help it to perform its function. Regular collagen supplement intake makes your skin more supple and reduces joint pain. It also improves nail strength and the condition of your hair.

Maintain your body’s collagen supply by taking a collagen supplement. You can get collagen as collagen peptides (powder to take with water or soup) tablets, capsules or added to cream to nourish your skin. The benefits these supplements give you include revitalizing your skin and keeping it healthy, reducing the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles, strengthening your nails and improving the condition of your hair. If a collagen supplement is taken before physical activities, it can increase both energy and performance and maintain and replenish lean muscle mass and help manage weight.

If you want to live your life to the fullest, feeling and looking young, take care of your health and replenish your body’s reducing supply of collagen by using a supplement.

Most of these should show some improvement in your skin or nails within a month.