Lose Weight Fast – Possible?

Picture of clothes too big for model

Is it possible to lose weight fast? Is is safe?

The answer to both those questions is YES! And you do not need to starve yourself, do workouts to exhaustion or follow crazy diets to do it.

It Does Take Dedication

It’s not a press button solution, you will need to follow any prescribed diet very closely, with no “just one won’t hurt” or “I’ll start it again tomorrow” attitude. Everyone makes a mistake or slips up now and again, that’s understandable and very human. Yes, you can start again, right now. But if you are dieting for a special occasion or for a particular health reason, then you will need to follow any diet as closely as possible, to get the results you want, in the timescale you hoped for.

Two Possible Diets

One of the diets has been tested out on diabetic patients at a University in the UK. These patients were put on an 800 calorie 8 week diet under medical supervision. Some of those that completed the diet reversed their type II diabetes! The patients were put onto a liquid diet (shakes) so their calorie intake could be closely monitored but others who heard about the clinical trials worked out their own 800 calorie diets and got the same amazing results. You can read all about this diet in the Blood Sugar Diet by Dr Michael Mosley.

The other diet is a 3 week, totally “All done for you” set of manuals with all the information and motivational techniques you will need to create a tailored diet system for your particular body, including all the foods to eat and not eat. If you need to lose 12 – 23 pounds of body weight and 2 – 4 inches from your waistline in 21 days, then this is the diet to try. All you have to do is Click Here!

Are You Sure It’s Safe?

Received wisdom up to now has been that slow and steady is best and for many people, that’s the best way to do it, if you can. The reasoning behind it was that taking things slowly allowed you to change your dietary habits to find a healthy form of eating that kept you at your chosen weight. But that doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe you have an event to attend. Maybe you have received bad health news about your blood pressure, your cholesterol or even been told you have pre-diabetes or diabetes and been told you are going to have to go on medication for life. For other people, going slow doesn’t work, they want results NOW. In these cases, you may want to lose that weight FAST.

Health Concerns

If you have any concerns about your health or whether you should try these diets, talk to your doctor. They may not be happy about a crash diet but may be willing to let you try one of these for a short period of time, especially if you want to lose weight in order to stay off medication. If you try one of these, even for a week, then go back to your doctor to check your blood work or health levels, you and your doctor may be pleasantly surprised. The best way to gain your doctor or health adviser’s approval is to read up on your proposed diet so you can discuss all the recommendations for action and then try your chosen diet for a period of time, then go back to discuss the results. Who knows, you may convert your doctor!


I have been on the 800 calories 8 week diet now for several weeks. I completed nearly 3 weeks before Christmas, then went off it over Christmas and started back again just before the New Year. My latest NSV (Non Scale Victory)? I can get into one of my pairs of jeans without having to lie on the bed, sucking in my belly and straining my muscles to get the button to close. Better yet, when I stand up, there is no fat spilling over the waistband (muffin tops) and even better, I can sit down in them!!!! I can’t get into the other pair yet, well actually I can but the waistband compresses my belly and the muffin tops are well visible! I also don’t think I could sit down in them but I was so puffed getting them on, I didn’t try that. One pair I can wear is a great delight. 🙂