Review Neuroslimmer Gastric Band Hypnosis Package

Lost nearly 5 pounds in 4 days!

UPDATE Results after 4 days on Neuroslim package 2.1 Kgs lost, with no dieting, no exercise, no hunger!

I Need To Lose Weight – AGAIN!

I have put back on all the weight I took off when I successfully lost over 20 pounds last year. I am also finding difficulty getting back onto a diet. I have successfully slimmed a couple of times but I have not been able to keep the weight off and I also just cannot get back into those diets now. I seriously want to lose weight,  and decided I needed a completely new method of attack and so I purchased the neuro slimmer gastric band hypnosis package and am trying that. It is advertised as no-diet, no-exercise.

I purchased this and will give it a thorough test out and an honest review, day by day of what is happening while I try it. It seems to need half an hour on a number of days in a month to listen to a hypnosis session. Nothing else is needed, no diet, no exercise. I can live with that!

Gastric band surgery is the most successful method for people losing weight and keeping it off, however, it is surgery, which carries its own risks and it is VERY expensive. I have no intention of undergoing surgery, nor do I have that amount of money, so a hypnosis package sounded like a useful alternative.

Why the Neuro Slimmer Hypnosis Package?

I have tried a few slimming hypnosis packages before and they have not worked. In my case, probably because I tend to eat out of mouth boredom and probably also comfort eating. The Neuro Slimmer Hypnosis Gastric Band Package is different in several ways. First, it is not promoting a particular diet, just reducing the amount you eat by persuading you that your stomach is smaller. I am very happy with that because I know that I eat too much at a time. It also means I don’t have to buy any special foods nor do I have to cook separate meals. Secondly, it includes a number of sections that help reduce related problems like comfort eating, so the reduction in eating will work as it is meant to.

What Do You Do With Neuro Slimmer?

This package takes a month to go through, so it seems like a good candidate for Try A Diet For A Month. It is split up into the 4 weeks of a month and gives you sessions to listen to in each week. There is a good PDF guide to the system and it is recommended that you read through that before starting as it provides a complete guide to the package.

Week 1 is a preparatory week, where you listen to two different hypnosis sessions, one on some days and the other on other days. Only one session a day, each session is 30 minutes and there is one day off. A total of 3 hours listening in week 1. Not too bad.

Week 2 is the gastric band surgery hypnosis session and you listen to that session on 5 consecutive days. Then there are 2 days rest. So a total of 2.5 hours in week 2.

Weeks 3 and 4 include some “post-operative” sessions with 4 sessions in week 3 (a total of 2 hours) and 2 sessions in week 4 (a total of 1 hour’s listening).

First Week – Results

At the end of week 1 I had already lost 2.1 Kgs, which is nearly 5 pounds, with no diet and no exercise. I didn’t feel hungry at all. I also wasn’t tempted in the slightest by snacks or sneaky licks, which is amazing. I have listened to the recommended sessions, which each took about 30 minutes. I weighed myself 3 times – before starting, after 3 days and after 4 days and in total lost 2.1Kgs – that is 4 and a half pounds. I didn’t change my diet in any way, nor did I take more exercise than usual. I found that I didn’t look to eat between meals, nor did I look for the large amounts I had been eating. The gastric band session doesn’t start for another 2 days but I am already happy with the results!

Assessment Of Package

I have read the PDF provided. This is very well written and provides useful information on how to use the package and a timetable for listening to the sessions. As advised, I have listened to sessions 1 and 2, in the order and on the days that I was told in the PDF. Sessions 1 and 2 are preparatory sessions. The gastric band session starts in week 2. This is a real test and it is being done as the producer advised, so that it is a fair test.

Gastric Band Sessions

I have now finished the 5 daily gastric band sessions. I can’t say I feel any different after listening to them but I have listened to them faithfully, making sure that I concentrated only on the session and not trying to do something else at the same time (such as checking social media!). I am still not eating any candy or cookies, which is surprising and appears to be a result of sessions 1 and 2 in week 1. I have found that I am now feeling uncomfortably full after large meals but not sufficiently quickly to stop me eating before I have finished the meal.

Weeks 3 and 4

I now have the post operative weeks 3 and 4 sessions to listen to. I understand that it is possible to “tighten” or “loosen” the gastric band if it is not set right so I will be looking into that in the next sessions. I have started into week 3 and have listened to session 4 once. I have to listen to this 3 more times this week. While I didn’t feel any different after listening to session 3 last week, I definitely feel different after listening to track 4. I find my inner child saying “let’s go for chocolate” but my adult self saying calmly, “No, I am not hungry”! That just totally amazes me! I have lost a little more but not much but I am still only half way through the program.

After the 4 Weeks

I have not lost any further weight. I will wait a while and see if anything kicks in.

Two Months Later

I was disappointed that I did not lose any further weight after finishing the full 4 week course. I followed it faithfully. I will see if the next sessions will change anything for me.

Tightening The Gastric Band

I have been through all the followup hypnosis sessions with neuroslimmer and I have not lost any further weight. What I HAVE found though is (a) some insight into why I am not losing and (b) a good benefit, in that I no longer purchase candy or sweets or biscuits. That is a big plus for me, as I was eating a lot of sugar. I now have no interest in buying any candy / confectionery at all – totally amazing. In terms of (a) – insight, I have finally realised that I eat to reduce anxiety. I am not sure that neuroslimmer is made for that situation, so I will now work on ways of reducing anxiety without medication because I have no reason to be anxious and I know I can reduce it with relaxation exercises and exercise.

Two Months Later

Something has changed.

  • I have not bought myself any candy or chocolate (or cookies, etc) since I first started listening to the package. It’s incredible because there were days I was eating half a pound of chocolate bar! I have even been in the shop to buy chocolate for someone else and not been in the slightest tempted to buy for me. The other day, there were some good quality chocolate bars on offer because they were past their sell-by date. Previously, I would have bought them under the pretext of using them for cooking but then eaten them. I didn’t buy them – I am STILL amazed!
  • Additionally, if there was candy lying around, I would have sneaked a piece or two, or more but no  longer. Again, it isn’t tempting me. The other day there was a bag of jelly sweets and I put them in the bin without a second thought. This program seems to be working slowly for me but that’s OK.
  • Until recently, I was eating a LOT of almond butter. Now, don’t get me wrong, almond butter is good stuff but eating a full tub, with 6,000 calories in one week as an addition to my normal intake is not good. I had been worried about not ordering it (I buy online) and having some always available but the last tub was finished a week or more ago and I haven’t craved it. So I will not order it again.
  • The next thing to attack is cheese. I love cheese but I think the amount I am eating is getting less. I will wait a while and see.
  • I am actually losing weight. My clothes were starting to feel looser round me, so I have started weighing myself again. I am only losing slowly but that’s fine. I am not having to think about it, it’s just working by itself. I can live with that! I have lost 7 pounds, or half a stone or 3.4Kgs in the past 3 weeks. If that continues, I will be very happy as I had that level of loss when I did the 5:2 diet and ate only 500 calories a day for two days in the week.

Try Neuroslimmer

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