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When You Can’t Lose Weight

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Sometimes, there comes a point where you feel you just cannot lose weight or at least any more weight, even if you have not reached your healthy weight level. You may have tried all possible diets, drunk your water, got your sleep, reduced stress, increased your exercise levels but the weight just sticks stubbornly and clings on. You may even find yourself resisting dieting or exercise. Perhaps you are listening more to that inner voice that says, “one more won’t hurt” or “you deserve it after a day like that!”, or maybe, “how can anyone expect you to exercise after all the work you have done today?” Finally, there may come a point where you just feel like giving up on dieting as “too hard, or “I can’t lose weight”.

The Last Resort?

For extremely overweight people, or those who can afford to pay privately, there is a very successful weight loss operation called bariatric surgery or gastric band surgery or lap band surgery. This is extremely expensive but because it is a physical surgical operation, it is not without its risks (like any operation). The surgeon puts a sleeve or band around the stomach, creating a small pouch that holds only small amounts of food. This pouch gets filled with only about 1 ounce of food, compared with about 6 cups of food for the average stomach. Once it is full, it signals the brain that it is full and the person stops eating.

For those who want the success rates of gastric band surgery without the expense and risks of surgery, there is an alternative.

The Alternative

Instead of a physical operation, gastric band hypnosis works by persuading the brain that bariatric surgery has been done, so the brain self-regulates the amount of food taken in, just as if the operation had been carried out.

Of course, there are many hypnosis packages available on the market, not just for lap band surgery, so how do you decide which one is best for you? Hypnosis can be used to help people start or stick to all kinds of diets, such as low calorie or low carb and some claim to work while you sleep. Check out below what you might want to look out for when deciding whether to purchase a hypnosis package.

Assessing Hypnosis Packages

  1. Hypnosis is just a means of deep relaxation. It cannot make you do anything that is against your moral code, nor can it force you to do anything you really do not want to do. So if you aren’t really serious about a particular diet, of whatever kind, it cannot force you to eat low carb or low calorie or try intermittent fasting or any other kind of diet. You have to WANT to try the diet for yourself. not because you think you should or someone else told you to try it. So ask yourself whether you really want to try a particular diet before you try hypnosis for it.
  2. Hypnosis does not work in your sleep. Or at least, not as well as when you are awake. Hypnosis works on your subconscious and needs to get you really relaxed in order to do this. Your subconscious may hear when you are asleep and will wake you if there is danger. It may also be able to learn new things when you are sleeping but this is not the same as using hypnosis to persuade you to do something like follow a diet you want to try. Many people fall asleep during hypnosis and that is no problem. You can always run the audio file again. But be wary of hypnosis that claims to work while you sleep.
  3. If you are eating for reasons other than hunger, eg stress, lack of sleep, comfort eating, etc, hypnosis audios that ONLY try to persuade you to try a particular diet may not work because they do not help you to separate out the difference between eating because of stress or boredom and reducing or changing food intake. Think about WHY YOU are over-eating or eating the wrong foods. Might you be eating for comfort or stress reasons? Check any package you may be thinking of buying to see whether it includes help on reducing other factors like stress or worry, so that the main package can work properly for you.
  4. Some people find difficulty with hypnosis audio packages. You may want to try a session with a hypnotherapist if so. If you are thinking of using a hypnotherapist, check that they are properly qualified and registered and use all the points above to check out the package they are offering. It is unlikely that one session of hypnotherapy will be effective in getting you to stick to any particular diet so ask about what packages they offer and what is covered. Also ask if they have any references or people who are willing to talk about their own experiences with their package.

Review Of Neuroslimmer Hypnosis Package

One hypnosis package that claims to help people lose weight with no diet and no exercise is the neuro slimmer package, which is a gastric band surgery hypnosis package. You can read a review of it here.