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All My Life?

Anyone who has ever tried a diet will recognise that most diets are lifetime options, unless you are just trying to lose a bit of weight ahead of a special event, such as a wedding or a holiday for example. But diets are also very personal. Not every diet suits everybody and it can be hard to know what exactly a particular diet does and how it actually feels to be ON any specific diet. It can be quite daunting to be told you HAVE to take up any particular diet for the rest of your life. If you don’t like the diet or it doesn’t suit you, you can end up feeling like a loser because you did not keep to the requirements. That can be very demotivating.

But some diets may leave some people¬†hungry and irritable all the time, yet they may be the correct diet for other people. Others are unsure which diet to try, so don’t do any. And if you are the correct weight and are healthy, then the food you are eating is already the correct diet for you. This site will give you information on the different kinds of diet available so you can see what it is like to be on a particular diet, to help you decide if that is the diet for you.

Try A Diet For A Month

Rather than committing to a lifetime of dieting, you can try a diet for a month or even a week. This is NOT yo yo dieting, where someone loses weight, stops dieting, goes back to their previous eating habits and adds the lost weight back on again, or even more. This site is about finding a safe, healthy everyday kind of food that you enjoy and that keeps your body size where YOU want it to be. Other people, including me, will be trying a diet for a month and reporting back on it, so you can see what it is like.

What is a diet?

Your diet is just the food you normally eat. But when people say, “I’m going on a diet”, they usually mean they are going to restrict the amount or type of food they eat or they are going on a special medical diet for a health problem. But the word “diet” doesn’t actually refer to any of those meanings, it just refers to your normal food. For a horse, its normal diet is grass or hay, it is vegetarian. For a tiger, its normal diet is meat, it is carnivorous. Human beings are omnivorous, that is, we can make use of both plant type food and meat and some people prefer to eat all types of plant food (vegetarians and vegans) and some people tend to stick more to the meat side, but most people eat a selection of both. Of course, with all the different types of food available these days, some people’s diet is what is called “junk” because they eat mainly processed food. No matter what you normally eat, that is your “normal” diet. If you wish to change your weight or your body size either to increase or decrease, then you need to change your diet and you may also need to exercise, however, this site is mainly about diet, rather than exercise.

Check out the diets

I put on weight over Christmas. Is there anyone who didn’t? After Christmas I decided to try to lose weight. I tried one diet for a month and then decided to try another. Some other contributors are doing different diets from me, including one for a figure competition and another with a well-known slimming franchise. They will be reporting back on how they felt, what they lost or gained, any benefits they felt they got and any problems and whether they felt it was worth it.

You Can Contribute Too!

If you would like to report on a particular diet, even one that is already covered on here, let me know.