Hip Flexor Pain Treatment

Dormant Butt Syndrome or Old-Guy Butt Syndrome

No matter how fit you are, you may be suffering from dormant butt syndrome, especially if your job entails a lot of sitting. Also called Old-Guy Butt syndrome, it refers to tight hip flexors (in your hip) and possibly weak gluteal muscles (your butt) which can cause pain and weakness in the hips and knees. This can happen even in runners and others you wouldn’t think have left ANY muscle in their body untrained! This can lead to hamstring injuries, back pain, hip pain and knee injuries that could lead to surgery. It can also happen in women after childbirth.

What Does It Have To Do With Diet?

I know this site is about dieting and weight loss but there are two major reasons this article is here. First of all, if your hips are painful, it’s difficult even to walk, never mind run and the loss of that ability to move can lead to weight gain. Removing the pain in the hips and knees caused by tight hip flexors could make moving around an awful lot easier and help you keep your weight in check. Secondly, there is a muscle (psoas) that is close to the┬áhip flexors and that is kept under constant tension when the hip flexors are tight. This muscle is normally tightened only when you are under threat – the fight or flight syndrome – but if the hip flexors are tight, the muscular imbalance in your body keeps it under constant tension, causing stress. Stress releases a hormone – cortisol – that contributes to weight gain. So, two reasons for this article being on this site and two ways of helping your body remove that excess weight dragging you down.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

You can learn to unlock your hip flexors with a specific series of movements that are not normally part of a normal training routine. If you think you may have tight hip flexors, you can click here to find out how to unlock them, along with improved health, release from pain and even weight loss.